[fpc-devel] simple UTF tests

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Jan 5 14:19:46 CET 2012

In our previous episode, Michael Schnell said:
> ( Would it not be more "sane" to always use the default system encoding 
> (i.e. UTF-8 in Linux) for pchar

That depends on how the default string type is defined. Discussions about
that is postponed.

> and auto-convert the string content ? )

pchars are generally not string types. If you need that, you shouldn't be
using pchars for it.

> After writing this, I suppose this is not possible, as there is no data 
> area where the converted information should be stored. So we are out of 
> luck wanting a sane solution :( .

First define a solution for what and why. 

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