[fpc-devel] Pointer cache for fast class/pointer access.

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Tue Jan 3 15:26:20 CET 2012

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Skybuck Flying schrieb:

> vValue := mDepth1.mDepth2.mDepth3.mValue;

You can implement such a funny hierarchy in any language. So what?

For the performance of the line of code above it matters if TObject or 
Object is used.

Or as somebody else mentioned: object vs class.

I could give a full test program which illustrates it ;) (It's kinda big 
though, a generator).

But if you know anything about assembler you should be able to figure that 
stuff out yourself ?!? ;) :)

But perhaps you more of a "parser/text guy" and less of an "assembly/binary 
guy" ? ;)

Anyway what remains is the question: what's different between object and 
class or Tobject and object when it comes to capabilities.

Also the slightly different syntax is kinda a shame... this would make it a 
little bit difficult to flip/flop between different "object models".

Flexible software is nice for when requirements change so it would be nice 
if changing object model would be easy to do to a certain degree ;)

For example:

MyClass := TMyClass.Create;



^ Why this difference ? It makes it less flexible to flip/flop :(

  Skybuck :) 

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