[fpc-devel] Adding Notes in FPDoc

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sat Feb 11 11:23:21 CET 2012


Seeing the discussions about annotating the documentation created by FPDoc, I added support for notes.
(revision 20304)

In short:

At the level of the <module>, <topic> and <element> tags, you can now include a <notes> tag.

Within the <notes> tag, you can include one or more <note> tags.

They are typeset as an unordered list, which means that it can basically contain the same things as a <li> element.
(so no tables, code blocks and what not).

By default, the <notes> tag is ignored.

Only if you give fpdoc the --emit-notes option, then the notes will be included in the output.
(at least in HTML and all linear output).

The fpdoc XML project file also supports the emit-notes option.

I have documented all this it in the official fpdoc reference guide. (rev. 890)

As a side note: 
The official FPC documentation will not contain notes in the output. 
I consider them for private use only, so it is useless to submit notes.
But I can understand other people want such a feature, therefor I added it to fpdoc.


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