[fpc-devel] Bounty for MIPS

Nikolai Zhubr n-a-zhubr at yandex.ru
Fri Feb 3 15:27:19 CET 2012

03.02.2012 16:01, Nikolai Zhubr:
> 03.02.2012 14:26, Florian Klaempfl:
>> How did you install debian? Or is it a chroot'ed debian?
> No, it it not chrooted.

And by the way. If you somehow obtain wndr3800 and want debian on it, I 
can probably prepare ready-to-use images for hard disk and internal 
flash (It will then be debian-only until reflashed through recovery)


> Basically I took kernel from openwrt 10.03.1 build tree (it is also
> 2.6.32 but modified slightly to better support platform-specific
> peripherials), disabled NAND-related drivers, and enabled ehci,
> usb_storage, ext4, etc as built-in. Then I took debian net-based
> installer's initrd.gz for malta board
> (http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/stable/main/installer-mips/current/images/malta/netboot/initrd.gz),
> unpacked it into ext2-formatted 1st (small) partiton of USB hard disk,
> keeping the rest of the disk available for adding more partitions later.
> Then I plugged this disk into wndr3800 and booted my kernel via tftp
> pointing it to /dev/sda1 as root. The only issue was that by default,
> openwrt kernel does not include inotify support which debain wants
> desperately, so I had to enable it and recompile. Other than that, all
> the rest was pretty much regular net-based install over serial console.
> One inconvenience for now is that manual intervention is needed upon
> power-on to interrupt uboot before it proceeds normally to openwrt. I
> think it might be possible to arrange kexec'ing from the running openwrt
> but didn't try yet.
> Nikolai
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