[fpc-devel] Forwarded message about FPC status

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sun Dec 23 11:11:34 CET 2012

On Sun, 23 Dec 2012, Sven Barth wrote:

>> to remember to mention which RTL they are using when reporting bugs,
>> keeps those two RTL's in sync over time etc. Yeah, it seams you guys are
>> sometimes not to knowledgeable either. All you are going to do is create
>> more work for yourselves. But hey, who are we to state the obvious.
> The two RTLs isn't as difficult as you think:

Hey, don't minimalize the work I will do ;-)

Sven is right about how we'll deal with it. 
The real work is dealing with the consequences of this apparently little change.

As he writes:

> Then one just needs to pay attention whether USE_UNICODE is defined or not 
> inside those units and write the code accordingly.

And then go over all packages to see if all still compiles/works.
for example the DB units may prove to be fun, as they mixe low with high-level code.


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