[fpc-devel] Revisiting MacOS for PPC (and possibly 68K)

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-devel at telemetry.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 21:06:40 CET 2012

Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:

> So I suppose that the next thing to do is to (use Lazarus to) look at 
> the conditions earlier in the compiler where AT_NONE is being inserted 
> in the list.

It's putting a significant number of AT_NONE entries into the table, and 
the first one it tries to take out (which obviously isn't the first 
entry in the list) causes the internal error. When being put in, this 
entry had a call stack like

#0 TASMDATA__REFASMSYMBOL('PBGetCatInfoSync', <error reading variable>) 
at aasmdata.pas:443
#1 TCGPPC__A_CALL_NAME(0xb7ff2120, 'PBGetCatInfoSync', false, <error 
reading variable>) at ./powerpc/cgcpu.pas:183
#2 THLCG2LL__A_CALL_NAME(0xb7ff2120, 0xb7c76d00, 'PBGetCatInfoSync', 
0x0, false, <error reading variable>, {DEF = 0xb7be0001, LOCATION = 
0xb7f2fe20, INTSIZE = -5207293872358555647, DEFDEREF = {DATAIDX = 
-1073748636}, ALIGNMENT = -15, SIZE = OS_MS16, TEMPORARY = true (15), 
COMPOSITE = true (8), _vptr$ = {0x1, 0x1000003}}) at hlcg2ll.pas:461
#3 TCGCALLNODE__PASS_GENERATE_CODE(<error reading variable>) at 
#4 SECONDPASS(0xb7f2f420) at pass_2.pas:197
#5 TCGASSIGNMENTNODE__PASS_GENERATE_CODE(<error reading variable>) at 
#6 SECONDPASS(0xb7c12580) at pass_2.pas:197
#7 TCGBLOCKNODE__PASS_GENERATE_CODE(<error reading variable>) at 
#8 SECONDPASS(0xb7c158b0) at pass_2.pas:197
#9 TCGBLOCKNODE__PASS_GENERATE_CODE(<error reading variable>) at 
#10 SECONDPASS(0xb7c155a0) at pass_2.pas:197
#11 DO_SECONDPASS(0xb7c155a0) at pass_2.pas:229
#12 TCGPROCINFO__GENERATE_CODE(<error reading variable>) at psub.pas:1297
#13 TCGPROCINFO__GENERATE_CODE_TREE(<error reading variable>) at 
#14 READ_PROC_BODY(0xb7f2be00, 0xb7c2ccf0) at psub.pas:1848
#15 READ_PROC(false, 0x0) at psub.pas:1979
#16 READ_DECLARATIONS(false) at psub.pas:2103
#17 BLOCK(false) at psub.pas:273
#18 TCGPROCINFO__PARSE_BODY(<error reading variable>) at psub.pas:1676
#19 PROC_UNIT at pmodules.pas:944
#20 COMPILE('system.pp') at parser.pas:347
#21 COMPILE(0x0) at compiler.pas:255
#22 main at pp.pas:239

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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