[fpc-devel] Unicode resource strings

Ivanko B ivankob4mse2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 10:04:04 CEST 2012

For non-fixed char length there's nothing better than UTF8 (default
 ASCII compatible, ready for any future alphabets,..). For fixed-char
 length (fast string operations etc) also there's nothing better than
 UCS-2 (the Earth coverage ) & UCS-4 (the galaxy coverage).
 The non-fixed char length UTF-16 (UCS-2 + surrogate pairs) looks less
 efficient than UTF-8 almost from any look point.
It assumes having FPC RTL optimized string functions for UTF-8 (
rudimental nowadays - via conversion procedures), UCS-2 (not all
functions nowadays) & UCS-4 (none nowadays).

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