[fpc-devel] Problem compiling ARM/linux builds with extra options

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at gmx.at
Sun Aug 12 20:36:46 CEST 2012


  I am currently trying to compile FPC with different options. In
particular I am trying to compile a armel build with vfp enabled.

However it fails at compiling the packages, i.e. fpmkunit due to "Trying
to use a unit which was compiled with a different FPU mode". The issue
from the make output (see below) is pretty clear, the additoinal options
passed via OPT are not passed to package making.

I guess it needs some additional new command line param that I am

On a related note, is there any documentation on the "new"
fpmake/fpmkunit system related to new options? As you may note I am
already aware of FPMAKEOPT, but there probably are a few new ones.

Command line:

make clean zipinstall -j 4 PP=ppcarm FPMAKEOPT="-T 4" OPT="-dFPC_ARMEL
-Cfvfpv2 -Cparmv7"  NOWPOCYCLE=1


make -C fpmkunit bootstrap
make[3]: Entering directory `/root/fpc.trunk/packages/fpmkunit'
/root/fpc.trunk/compiler/ppcarm src/fpmkunit.pp -n
-Fu/root/fpc.trunk/packages/fcl-process -Fu/root/fpc.trunk/packages/hash
-FUunits_bs/arm-linux -Fu../paszlib/src -Fu../hash/src -Fi../paszlib/src
-Fi../fcl-process/src/unix -Fu../fcl-process/src
-Fi../fcl-process/src/linux -Fi../fcl-process/src/dummy
PPU Loading /root/fpc.trunk/rtl/units/arm-linux/system.ppu
Trying to use a unit which was compiled with a different FPU mode
Fatal: Can't find unit system used by fpmkunit
Fatal: Compilation aborted
make[3]: *** [bootstrap] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/fpc.trunk/packages/fpmkunit'


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