[fpc-devel] targetandroid - x86 as target cpu

Dennis Spreen mailing at spreendigital.de
Tue Aug 7 18:18:53 CEST 2012

>>> make crossinstall OS_TARGET=android CPU_TARGET=x86 CROSSOPT="-Cfsse3"
>>> CROSSBINDIR=%whatever%
>>> BINUTILSPREFIX=i686-linux-androideabi-
>>> I saw that I forgot to add and commit the rtl/android/i386 directory. As
>>> temporary measure just copy over the files from rtl/linux/i386... :)
>> done, and I've put the "new" fpcmake in path, but:
>>> Makefile:203: *** The Makefile doesn't support target x86-android,
>>> please run fpcmake first.  Stop.
>   did you try what was written? I.e. run the new fpcmake with "-r -Tall"
> parameters in the main directory?
> If that does not work, try some upper level directory where you got the
> error. Sometimes fpcmake does not pick up all directories which may have
> happened here.

I did, still same error. the fpcmake with -r -Tall states nothing about
x86, but i386-android? shouldn't it be
OS_TARGET=android CPU_TARGET=i386 ?


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