[fpc-devel] targetandroid - can't build for armv7, hangs on pooledmm.pp

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Wed Aug 1 12:43:50 CEST 2012

Thomas Schatzl wrote:
> Last time I tried compiling with -Cfvfpv2 or 3 the compiler did not
> cycle, so I could not test further. Has been some time, and this was
> native compilation.
Last I heard cycling goes fine but FPU options don't get passed down
to other parts of the build process leading to failures if the selected 
fpu type
does not match the default for the OS and variant in question. I imagine you
would have similar problems setting the ABI manually (although I don't
know if there is a trap to catch people who do that or if the compiler will
carry on blindly doing the wrong thing)
> I think -mfloat-abi does nothing, but maybe that changed recently -
> there have been many, many changes to the ARM support recently. Further
> I am actually surprised that there is hardfp support for fpc. 
There is hardfloat support in freepascal trunk but unless something has 
recently I doubt a c style -mfloat-abi will activate it. IIRC the fpc 
option you
need for the hardfloat ABI is -CaEABIHF.

For linux you can use -dFPC_ARMHF when building the compiler to select
the armhf "variant" which defaults to armv7-a, vfpv3_d16 and hard float abi.

 >If so, it is probably in a somewhat experimental state too.
well it works well enough to build the fpc and lazarus debian packages
(I backported it to 2.6.0 for debian) and I also ran a fairly thourough 
of passing parameters to C code to check they were being passed in the
right places.

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