[fpc-devel] Breaking change in FPC 2.6.1

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Apr 30 14:22:13 CEST 2012

In our previous episode, Alexander Klenin said:
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 20:28, Marco van de Voort <marcov at stack.nl> wrote:
> > Calling a virtual(!) method when a bookmark is no longer needed allows to do
> > other things too, like releasing something with db handles, and allows
> > descendents of TDataset to do such things.
> Did you consider declaring TBookmark an interface?

No. The considerations were to chiefly to become delphi compatible, and
reduce disruption in the long run.  I did a misguided attempt at a D2007
inbetween step, and now trunk has the definitive D2009+ layout.

> This way you may get the benefits of both worlds --
> automatic memory management plus an ability to hook
> into a deallocation.

When designed from scratch that would have been a possibility, certainly.

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