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>  Hi Leonardo,
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>> Hi, I usually create Win32 targets using this:
>> make crossinstall OS_TARGET=win32 CPU_TARGET=i386
>> PP=/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/i386-linux-ppc386
>> Now I want to create an OpenBSD cross compiler, so I just replaced "win32"
>by "openbsd":
>Yes, but you do need cross-binutils for openbsd!
>The problem is that current GNU Binutils source do
>not generate correct objects/executables for openbsd.
>Which means that you need to get an openbsd specific binutils source
>install it, and configure it for the target you are interested in:
>  I checked the internet, and it seems to be difficult to fond.
>Thus I added it to 
>1) Downloaded 
>2) Untar it
>tar -xvzf binutils-openbsd-2.15.tar.gz
>3) Create build directory:
>mkdir build-cross-i386-openbsd
>cd build-cross-i386-openbsd
>4) Run configure for that target
>../binutils-4.9/configure --target=i386-pc-openbsd
>  --program-prefix=i386-openbsd-
>(That's what I used on mingw32, but
>to compile on mingw you also need to apply
>the patch that I added in the same directory on ftp server).
>5) Compile and install everything:
>make all-gas all-binutils all-ld
>make install-gas install-binutils install-ld
>This should install 
>and a few more into
>PATH/TO/WHERE/YOU/WANT/IT/bin directory
>Note that I didn't use the same procedure on mingw
>(because I wanted to get binaries that did not depend
>on any mingw specific DLLs)
>> make crossinstall OS_TARGET=openbsd CPU_TARGET=i386
>> PP=/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/i386-linux-ppc386
>> But the linker is not found. This is the error I get:
>> make[5]: se ingresa al directorio
>> «/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/rtl/openbsd»
>> /bin/mkdir -p /home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/rtl/units/i386-openbsd
>> i386-openbsd-as -o /home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/rtl/units/i386-
>> openbsd/prt0.o i386/prt0.as
>> make[5]: i386-openbsd-as: No se encontró el programa
>> make[5]: *** [prt0.o] Error 127
>> make[5]: se sale del directorio
>> make[4]: *** [openbsd_all] Error 2
>> make[4]: se sale del directorio «/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/rtl»
>> make[3]: *** [rtl] Error 2
>> make[3]: se sale del directorio «/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/compiler»
>> make[2]: *** [cycle] Error 2
>> make[2]: se sale del directorio «/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc/compiler»
>> make[1]: *** [compiler_cycle] Error 2
>> make[1]: se sale del directorio «/home/leonardo/Desarrollo/fpc»
>> make: *** [build-stamp.i386-openbsd] Error 2
>> Is there an "i386-openbsd-as" linker?. Where can I find it.
>  i386-openbsd-as is the assembler, not the linker
>i386-openbsd-ld is the linker.
>> BTW. I'm on Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu 11.10).
>  You could repeat the steps for
>x86_64-openbsd target
>by simply using
>  --target=x86_646pc-openbsd
>Hoping the above will help,

Thanks Pierre, I'll try the binutils package you uploaded. 

Leonardo M. Ramé

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