[fpc-devel] Macro Processing

Joerg Schuelke joerg.schuelke at gmx.de
Tue May 17 13:19:16 CEST 2011

Am Mon, 16 May 2011 15:35:24 +0100
schrieb Martin <fpc at mfriebe.de>:

> {$EXPAND ProcFoo(1)}
> // the code in thr try finally block
> {$EXPAND ProcFooEnd}
> I can see that happen very easy?
> And there we are, Pascal would be down to where C is now.

There is no answer for that, you know. But you can always decide not to
accept any code inside rtl, packages,tools, whatever which contains
macros. Easy. If it compiles with warning, back to sender.

> You are willing to take the risk, to get the power.
> I am not willing to be exposed to the risk, so you can get the power.
> =>  see my other mail, about them being used n 3rdparty open source,
> add ons, etc => if they exist, I (and everyone) will be confronted
> with them.

Discussion about that, or stated? and end of the line. Will not bore.
Want not to waste my time, too.

A point which is possibly worth thinking about:
	If you have a feature request you can let them try it out,
	different approaches welcome, do try it with a macro. Easier
	then changing the compiler for my own playground. Generics,
	fine. Templates (unit approach for generics), too.
        Lets try, this way. And lets try thats way.
        Easy done.


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