[fpc-devel] SQLite and ftFmtBCD

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Wed May 11 09:25:03 CEST 2011

>> or better:
>> ftFmtBCD: begin
>>             if P.AsFMTBCD.Precision > 15 then //we are out of REAL range, so we must bind as BLOB
>>             begin
>>               s   tr1=BCDTOStrP.AsFMTBCD,SQLFormatSettings);
>>               checkerror(sqlite3_bind_blob(fstatement,I,pcharstr(str1), length(str1), @freebindstring));
>>             end
>>             else
>>             begin
>>                d o1=P.AsFloat
>>               checkerror(sqlite3_bind_double(fstatement,I,do1));
>>             end;
>>           end;
> This is wrong. There are some values which can't be written as floats,
> but have precision<15. 
Joost,  look at ftBCD, ftCurrency they are also written as floats
So if there is it acceptable, then I would say, that also in this case 
is it acceptable, isn't it ?
(I do not say, that it is perfect)

> Can you create a patch which does this?
Patch is attached.

DECIMAL -> ftBCD (if precision and scale is not supplied, then scale=0)
DECIMAL(p) = DECIMAL(p,0) = DECIMAL(p,<nonnumeric>) -> if p<=18 then 
ftLargeInt else ftFmtBCD
DECIMAL(p,s) -> if s>4 or p-s>14 then ftFmtBCD (number does not fit into 


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