[fpc-devel] fpc build problems on some debian armel buildds

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu Jun 30 16:33:36 CEST 2011

Freepascal has been failing sometimes with "einouterror file not found" 
on armel buildds but i'm not really seeing any pattern to the failures 
either in terms of upstream versions or in terms of buildds

2.4.0-2 was successfully built on muscat
2.4.0-3 failed on arnold
2.4.0-4 failed on arnold and ancina (the latter being a retry at my request)
2.4.2-1 was sucessfully built on alwyn
2.4.2-2 and 2.4.2-2 were successfully build on ancina
2.4.4-1 failed on antheil

The current FPC package builds fine in qemu for me. I will attempt to 
try on some real hardware too when I get a chance.

This is worrying for me because I use freepascal on armel and yet it's 
pretty hard to find a fix for a bug without a meaningful error message 
and which I cannot reproduce.

Is there a list anywhere of what hardware the buildds run on and/or any 
other interesting information about their setups so I can try to figure 
out what if anything the failing buildds have in common. Has anything 
changed in ancina's configuration recently?

Could some arm users try building fpc and reporting back if they can 
reproduce the error and if so on what hardware? (note: you must build 
with -B or you will run into an unrelated failure). If it fails for you 
can you try running the failing command under strace to try and 
determine what the file was?

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