[fpc-devel] 019605: Safety check for "const s: string" (similar to Range or Overflow checks)

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Thu Jun 23 21:09:27 CEST 2011

Am 23.06.2011 20:59, schrieb Martin:
> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=19605
> It may be easier to discuss here.
> * First it needs to be decided, if such a check in itself (ignoring any
> obstacles in it's implementation) has a chance to be accepted at all.
> If such a check is not wanted (even if implementation were trivial),
> then well that's it.

Personally I don't see the need for such a check because I consider it
as a seldom corner case but I can understand that people might be
interested in it so if somebody implements it properly, I'am pretty sure
it can be included.

> * If it could be accepted as a feature (request), then I understand it
> may still be open for very long, as there is no guarantee, that anyone
> will do it.
> * Implementation

That's what I fear :) If already the first draft looks so complicated,
reality is typically much worse.

> On top of what I already wrote on mantis. I believe my initial idea can
> be further simplified.
> Given:  procedure Foo(const s1, s2: string);

What about records, arrays etc. containing ref. counted types?

> 1) On entering of Foo:
> - Foo needs a numeric temp variable for each passed in ref-counted const
> param
> - The current ref count of each such param is stored in that list of
> temp vars
>       for each sx in [s1, s2] do "tmp_rc[sx] := refcnt(sx)"
> - The ref-count of each param is increased
>   There is no need to check if s1=s2; if so then the ref-count of both
> of them will have increased by 2
>       for each sx in [s1, s2] do "refcnt(sx) := refcnt(sx) + 1"
> - The temp vars are updated, to become the difference between the
> original, and the new recount
>       for each sx in [s1, s2] do "tmp_rc[sx] := refcnt(sx) - tmp_rc[sx]"
> 2) On exit, all the tep ref counts are decreased
>       for each sx in [s1, s2] do "refcnt(sx) := refcnt(sx) - 1"
> No ref count is allowed to become less than 1.
> If any refcount goes less than 1, than this is an error.
> 3)
>  On any statement inside Foo, that adds a ref count to any Sx ("other :=
> s1"), the refcount of this sx has to be checked before the statement
>       if  refcnt(sx) <= tmp_rc[sx]  then error
>       other := sx
> This way, if at any time, all non-temporary ref counts where gone, they
> can not be re-added ever again
> It still requires, that, if any such param is passed to another
> procedure, that will accept it as const param, then all temp ref-counts
> must be removed.
> - That is only, if the called procedure, is compiled with the flag, and
> adds it-s own temp refcnts
> - If the called procedure is not compiled with the flag, then they must
> be kept.
> Otherwise check "3" will not hold in a nested call.
> In order do to such tmp-ref-cnt removal for selected params only, one
> would have to check for equality of multiply passes const param again.
> (Undesirable)
> It might be easier, if a procedure
>   procedure Foo(const s1, s2: string);
> when compiled with the check-flag, wll have some hidden extra param
> procedure Foo(const s1, s2: string; tmp_ref_cnt_s1, tmp_ref_cnt_s2:
> Integer);
> They contain the count of already added tmp ref-cnts ("tmp_rc[sx] "); or
> zero. This can then be use to check for the correct value, in point "3".
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