[fpc-devel] Dwarf3 and the encoding of classes

Helmut Hartl helmut.hartl at firmos.at
Wed Jan 12 13:30:28 CET 2011

Am 12.01.11 11:39, schrieb Joost van der Sluis:
> That is bad news, because it seems like it that the
> final-case-sensitivity solution will be that the case-sensitive flag is
> used to control the behavior. But that will then break backwards
> compatibility...
I have osx, freebsd, linux and windows as targets.
Currently debugging with lazarus under osx is a horrible experience :-).
(http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/GDB_Debugger_Tips#Known_Problems and 

Is there a chance to build (your) patched gdb versions for that targets too?
So that there is the possibility to have the same (working) gdb version 
for all targets.(dreaming)
Maybe even a static build? (more dreaming)

As this is our daily business I think I am able to donate some time in 
testing/debugging/codeing too,
if that could help.


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