[fpc-devel] Re: [fpc-pascal] assign code to a method

Angel Montesinos montesin at uv.es
Sun Feb 20 07:45:50 CET 2011

 >From Jonas Maebe:
 >You probably have to mark the memory in which you write the code as 
 >"executable" first (this has to be done using an OS-specific 
 >function; I know next to nothing about Windows programming, but you 
 >should be able to find the necessary information in MSDN).
 >In fact, you should also do this on 32 bit platforms, since more and 
 >more systems mark memory by default as not executable for security 

Many thanks for your answer. I was unaware till yesterday of that DEP 
(Data Execution Protection) thing. In fact, I have verified now that 
for my OS, Windows XP 64 Pro, the default is having DEP only for 
system sensible programs and services. In fact, in my machine my old 
code from Delphi works perfectly. Therefore, I think that the obstacle 
lies in my own code (most probable), in Lazarus or in FPC compiler. 
This said, I have verified, to my surprise, that if I enable DEP for 
all programs, my code raises an AV and stops dead. Therefore I am 
deeply troubled about the future of my programas because I have two 
problems, that of DEP and that of 64 bits code.

 >PS: you should mention that you are not subscribed to the mailing 
 >list in all messages you send, because otherwise people won't know 
 >that they have to CC you when replying to your messages (I know only 
 >because I'm the list admin and let your message through when it was 
 >stuck in the moderation queue).

I understand that from now on this and other messages will be posted 
also to the newsgroup?

montesin at uv dot es

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