[fpc-devel] Limitations of static "ranged" integer typesandsucc/pred, and dynamic solution.

Skybuck Flying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 24 10:52:50 CET 2011

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Subject: Re: [fpc-devel] Limitations of static "ranged" integer 
typesandsucc/pred, and dynamic solution.

In our previous episode, Skybuck Flying said:
> Currently there simply is no dynamic/runtime version of it.

You are totally right. Please submit a patch for conforming arrays support

Glad you agree, now we can discuss possible solutions ;) :)

First a solution has to be found, possible solutions could be:

TRangedInteger = record
    Low : integer;
    High : integer;
    Value : integer;

or perhaps just a range or perhaps both.

TRange = record
    Low : integer;
    High : integer;

And then perhaps some checks/runtime checks can be build in by the compiler.

Alternatively perhaps assignment operation, increment operator and other 
operators could be overloaded to do the necessary range checking ;)

I am not sure what Low/High/Succ/Pred do ? Do they ever throw an runtime 
error, or exception ?

Perhaps just having a constructor would already be enough to just solve the 

   vIndex : TRangedInteger;
   vValue : TRangedInteger; // problem, need to set range again :(
   vIndex := TRangedInteger.Create( -Random(100), Random(100) );
   vValue := TRangedInteger.Create( vIndex );  // perhaps could be solved 
with a copy from the other.

   // would be more nice if it was like a dynamic type or so ;)
   vRange := TRangedInteger.Create( 0, AskUserForMax ); // ask user for 
   vIndex := TRangedInteger.Create( vRange );
   vValue := TRangedInteger.Create( vRange );

   for vIndex := vIndex.Low to vIndex.High do
       if vValue = vValue.High then
       end else
          vValue := vValue.Succ;

So you see coming up with a solution wasn't that hard, however this is still 
a somewhat half-baked solution.

It would be nice if simply Low(vValue) and High(vValue) could be used, so 
static (compile-time)and dynamic code (run-time) looks the same and can be 
compiled without code changes.

So somehow Low and High would need to be "attached" to the runtime type: 

Perhaps Low and High and Succ and Pred should become "operators" ? For 
record ?!?

So that they can be overriden ?


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