[fpc-devel] MakeSkel and FPDoc projects

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Dec 16 21:10:03 CET 2011

On Fri, 16 Dec 2011, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:

>> No. You forget that the coupling with unit names does not exist.
> Please explain?
> Both FPDoc and MakeSkel accept one or more --input arguments, each 
> representing one *unit*. When a project is used instead, either none or all 
> units can be selected automatically, but not a single one.
> Consider an existing FPDoc project, which contains all input files and all 
> currently existing description files. When you want to create a new skeleton 
> for an not yet documented unit, how to achieve that? Should the user copy the 
> stored --input specification for that unit *manually*, including all compiler 
> options? And should he afterwards add the new description file to the 
> project, by editing the project file manually again?

Your problem is a false one.

I would never use a project file for this in the first place.

You seem to assume that the project file *must* be used for makeskel. 
For me this is still highly questionable. If it can be done, fine.
If not: also fine.

>>> Currently FPDoc scans the commandline for a project first, before parsing 
>>> the other options. This extra handling could be removed, with the effect 
>>> that options before the --project option are defaults, which are 
>>> overridden by the project settings, while options after --project override 
>>> the project settings. This consideration applies to all programs, which 
>>> accept an fpdoc project.
>> Well, I don't like the fact that order of command-line options is 
>> important.
> Well, I showed an practical use case, where such an order is useful.

I must have missed that. How did you show this ?

>> Given that, I don't see how you can avoid scanning for a project first.
> This means that you disallow for e.g. scripts which provide built-in 
> defaults, that *should* be overridden by values stored in the project :-(

Of course I disallow this. The working method is the opposite. 
The project provides defaults, to be overridden on the command line.

The compiler functions exactly the same. Options on the command-line override 
ones in the config/project files. I don't know any tool that works opposite.


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