[fpc-devel] MakeSkel etc. programs

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Wed Dec 14 19:17:04 CET 2011

I just tried to extend the programs in the fpdoc folder, morphing the 
program files into unit files by conditional compilation:

unit ...;
program ...;

etc., no problem so far.

Then I wrote my own MkSkel program, using MakeSkel as a unit. Also fine :-)

Then I tried to extend the functionality with wildcards, what also 
worked fine after some more adjustments. E.g. I added an OnOption 
handler, that handles additional commandline options, which are not 
recognized by the ParseOption procedure.

BTW is it really required to add "-Fi.", so that the parser finds 
include files in the current directory (of the unit file)?

When I tried to create the skeletons for all *.pas and *.pp files, I 
stumbled across exceptions with missing interface sections. It would be 
nice to prevent such exceptions, when MakeSkel tries to process an 
program file, whereupon AModule.InterfaceSection is Nil!

Then I was very astonished about "No Interface section in MakeSkel" 
messages, and it took me some time to find the bug in UnitDiff.pp, which 
   program MakeSkel;
instead of
   program *UnitDiff*;
Please fix this glitch.

When I finally made --update work for a couple of units, in one run, 
another bug popped up: MakeSkel seems to misinterpret the following in 
TestUnit.pp, most probably at:

   ARecordVar : Record
                  A,B : integer;

A variable ARecordVar is added to the docs, *and* two variables A and B, 
which IMO better should become ARecordVar.A and ARecordVar.B. When the 
unit is updated later, these variables A and B are added to the output 
again - what made me find this bug. When somebody fixes this bug, will 
it be possible to also suppress the creation of empty output files? This 
will simplify the separation of changed units from unchanged ones, where 
  currently all created files have to be inspected for real changes 
manually :-(

Now I'll try to further extend MkSkel by using FPDoc projects, so that 
the correct input specifications are used, including all compiler 
options. Then it will be easy to check the RTL and other packages for 
updates, and to create the skeletons for all contained units :-)


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