[fpc-devel] Errors with make rtl.chk on Windows

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sat Dec 3 00:59:55 CET 2011

On Fri, 2 Dec 2011, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:

> Michael Van Canneyt schrieb:
>>> This means that we can document platform-specific items in additional 
>>> files, which are automatically merged with the other descriptions. The 
>>> description file specifications can be extended by a platform attribute, 
>>> so that problems arising from multiple (platform specific) descriptions 
>>> can be eliminated. E.g.:
>>>        <description file="sysutils.xml"/>
>>>        <description file="linux-sysutils.xml" platform="linux,unix"/>
>>>        <description file="win-sysutils.xml" platform=windows/>
>> I don't see the point of this. Why not simply add them to the description 
>> file sysutils.xml ?
> You're right. So what's the use of --ostarget and --cpuversion, WRT common 
> documentation?

They are for the parser, not for the description files.

>> I have no plans to support directory or wildcard search in fpdoc. That is a 
>> can of worms I will not open;
> I just implemented wildcards, and it seems to work nicely :-)

I do not doubt it is possible, I am just concerned about everything 
that may go wrong in the future. I prefer a different way.

>> One objection is for instance that your proposal will cause all XML files 
>> to be loaded both when FCL and RTL documentation are created.
> Already included: all XML files are discarded, when they don't contribute to 
> the current package :-)

Because of the loose coupling between XML files and source files, there is no 
way to know if a XML file is contributing or not, unless you impose 
some convention like 1 unit = 1 file with equal filenames, or parse the XML 
file to detect the module it documents or start moving XML files to directories.

> There may remain things, which better should (and can!) reside in separate 
> tools. Currently I feel no need for such additional tools, where the purpose 
> would justify such efforts.
>> I have no problem including such tools in the FPC distribution, whereas 
>> wildcard search in fpdoc itself is sure to be rejected.

I went ahead and improved the tool I announced earlier. 
The end goal is to use this tool to create the project file from the 
Makefiles for the docs. Currently it can:

- Add directories of source files, with file mask, parser options to be added to the found files, and recursion.
- Add directories of description files, with file mask and recursion.
- Add a list of input files (with options).
- Add a list of description files.
- Remove a list of input files.
- Remove a list of description files.
- Set/Unset engine options.
- Perform macro substitutions on a fpdoc project file.

The last is in fact probably the easiest solution for the RTL/FCL docs. 
We can distribute a template project on which simple macro substitution 
is performed prior to feeding it to fpdoc. Thanks to your patch for 
creating a project file from given command-line options, 
I now actually have such a file.

I split the tool so the class that does the actual work can be integrated in 
e.g. a GUI tool for quick manipulation of project files.

I expect and hope the tool will solve most - if not all - of the problems you 
experienced as well.


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