[fpc-devel] DIFF patch for changing to table driven processordefinitions for ARM

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Sat Aug 27 20:56:37 CEST 2011

> > In short I am saying it saves time for the individuals 
> trying to add 
> > targets.
> No, it saves no time in total and is against any OSS spirit: 
> imagine ten people developing for say the lpc2148 (or any 
> other not yet supported controller). All of them use the bare 
> controller and hack the stuff together to get that unknown 
> controller working and waste a lot of time with this.
> Instead, the first one using a new controller does a proper 
> set of patches, they are applied to FPC. The other nine save 
> a lot of time by just using the already implemented lpc2148 
> target and might spent the saved time into other new stuff 
> for FPC ;)

Downside is that embedded users are condemned to use trunk and never a
stable release. There are quite a lot of "bosses" around that only want to
use stable releases in production.
Compiler patches or separate units, if one doesn't want to share code it
won't make a difference. 

My 2 cents,


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