[fpc-devel] DIFF patch for changing to table driven processor definitions for ARM

John Clymer john at johnclymer.net
Sat Aug 27 20:33:34 CEST 2011

I assume I speak for others, but for those of us that have been working in the 
embedded field for a while, some of us prefer to roll our own support code, 
rather than rely on compiler supplied implementations.  Personnally, I've used 6 
different ARM/Thumb2 cored processors in various projects.  I have NEVER used 
compiler or vendor provided library.  

I prefer NOT to use them because they add overhead, complexity, and are often 
times innefficient.

I thought OSS was about freedom of choice.  Mandating that end users follow a 
certain path removes their available choices.

As far as custom linker maps - if one uses the Generic "controller" and tells 
the compiler to compile to object code, but NOT link.  Then one can provide 
their own linker script - with whatever crazy controller layout they desire.

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Am 27.08.2011 17:01, schrieb David Welch:
> In short I am saying it saves time for the individuals trying to add
> targets.

No, it saves no time in total and is against any OSS spirit: imagine ten
people developing for say the lpc2148 (or any other not yet supported
controller). All of them use the bare controller and hack the stuff
together to get that unknown controller working and waste a lot of time
with this.

Instead, the first one using a new controller does a proper set of
patches, they are applied to FPC. The other nine save a lot of time by
just using the already implemented lpc2148 target and might spent the
saved time into other new stuff for FPC ;)
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