[fpc-devel] Stellaris Update

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Tue Aug 16 12:47:51 CEST 2011

Am 16.08.2011 12:16, schrieb John Clymer:
> Stellaris ALWAYS has the Code starting at $0000:0000.
> STM32's do something odd where the FLASH starts at $0800:0000, and the
> memory between $0000:0000 and $07FF:FFFF is mappable to either the FLASH
> or the built-in boot loader.  (Which throws a kink in the works.)
> But, as far as the point of catching the 90% of possible uses - one
> could drop down to strictly {$FLASH_SIZE} and {$SRAM_SIZE}. 
> The other option (unless one wants a gazzillion items on the case()
> statements in t_embed.pas) - is to set them extremely large so they
> don't get exceeded.  However, the danger in that is if someone has an 8K
> part, and the program ends up spilling over 8K - it won't get picked up.
> Also started un-commenting some parts of rtl.cfg in the embedded
> folder.  Is there any desire to support more of the RTL than the minimum
> (i.e.  have a default stdin and stdout - so WriteLn, etc work via the
> serial port ?)  Or is the intent that embedded includes on the bare
> minimal RTL to bring the machine up ?

The idea is to have a minimum default. Users needing more can uncomment
the needed parts and recompile the rtl.

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