[fpc-devel] Arm Thumb2 - Stellaris status

Jeppe Græsdal Johansen jjohan07 at student.aau.dk
Tue Aug 9 17:04:57 CEST 2011

On 09-08-2011 15:53, Geoffrey Barton wrote:
> On 9 Aug 2011, at 14:14, John Clymer wrote:
>> I was thinking more of a generic controller class, including a 
>> memory.def (or whatever one wants to name it) file.  That would be 
>> easiest as it would only effect the t_embed.pas file (and cpuinfo.pas 
>> file to add the generic type.)
>> Haven't looked into possibly a compiler option (and may easily be 
>> more trouble than a command line option):
>> {$ARM_FLASH_START xxxxxxxx}
>> {$ARM_FLASH_LENGTH xxxxxxxx}
>> {$ARM_SRAM_START xxxxxxxx}
>> {$ARM_SRAM_LENGTH xxxxxxxx}
>> But, I still think a static memory definition file would require the 
>> least amount of code changes.  And would only effect only the ARM 
>> related files.
> The compiler option works well when you have conditional options for 
> different target builds using ifdefs, which I do I lot. It makes it 
> very easy to see if it is in the source file as it can be locked to 
> other options and you only need to select it in one place.
> A separate linker file starts to make FPC handle like any other 
> compiler :( instead of the joy to use it is :)
I agree. Keeping the configurations in code is easier to manage, 
compared to the spiderweb of magically named files of other embedded 

I think that maybe creating an abstract class hierachy of chip families, 
instead of the current solution of a single large case statement, would 
be a better solution in the long run
> Geoffrey

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