[fpc-devel] Arm Thumb2 - Stellaris status

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Mon Aug 8 22:13:12 CEST 2011

Am 08.08.2011 12:49, schrieb John Clymer:
> Kicking it around in the back of my head at work today...
> I tried doing a compile to assembly language for the stellaris - and it
> choked giving the error from t_embed.pas.  The error comes from the
> portion of the program trying to generate a linker script.
> Looking at t_embed.pas, it looks like every single flavor of ARM
> controller will require it's own subsection of the case() statement. 
> This can easily get long and ugly.  As the only thing that changes
> between most of the arm variants is the memory layout - why not provide
> a generic "stellaris" switch - with reads in a text file containing the
> memory map and stack top (the rest of the link file remains the same for
> all variants of ARM) ? 
> This way - switching to a new variant of stellaris only requires
> tweaking a memory map file - rather than a re-build and patch of
> t_embed.pas ?  For that matter - entirely foreign Cortex M3 parts could
> be easily supported without requiring changes to the compiler.
> Just pondering how to make it easier and more flexible ...

Yes, this can be done. However, somebody who knows enough about a
certain controller family must do this.

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