[fpc-devel] Delphi XE2 uses FPC for iOS target

Thaddy thaddy at thaddy.com
Sat Aug 6 13:03:47 CEST 2011

I can see the messages in the changelogs of Delphi:

"Reason: FPC compatibility"

There is a risk of an endless loop here, or a deadlock of some sort 8-)

Good news: the new Firemonkey framework is already 100% compatible with 
Freepascal by design.

On 6-8-2011 12:16, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> Hi,
> See http://delphimax.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/delphi-64bit-os-x-and-iphone-native/#comment-743 and http://delphimax.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/delphi-64bit-os-x-and-iphone-native/#comment-749 (Michael Swindell works for Embarcadero):
> "Re FPC, we will be coming out with a Delphi ARM compiler at some point, but we're appreciative that FPC is available today for ARM/iOS and we were able to leverage to get FireMonkey to iOS."
> So it's just a stopgap solution for them until they have time to build their own ARM compiler, but the fact that they will ship FPC definitely serves as a testament to its quality :) Very cool!
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