[fpc-devel] New FPC Target: AROS

Marcus Sackrow alb42 at web.de
Fri Aug 5 21:47:03 CEST 2011

On 05.08.2011 12:27, Tomas Hajny wrote:
> On Thu, August 4, 2011 22:32, Marcus Sackrow wrote:
>> Diff (on top of 18076) for new Target: AROS (i386)
>> tried to keep the diff as short as possible but its still 750 K,
>> so I placed it on my Webpage:
>> http://www.alb42.de/AROS-Target.diff
>> Compiler, RTL and Package: arosunits
>> I hope its ok in this way
> Thanks for your contribution. While other core team members are involved
> in reviewing your patch, I have some questions related to your FExpand
> modifications. However, even before that, there's one more thing I'm quite
> clear about (sorry if this was already discussed somewhere and I just
> missed it): Your diff contains patches to files in /rtl/aros/, but such
> files obviously do not exist in our SVN right now. Shall I assume that
> those should be based on a copy of /rtl/amiga/ (as suggested by the patch
> for system.pp), or a copy of /rtl/morphos/ (as suggested by the patch for
> dos.pp), or what is the base of your diff?
Its my first time using diff export from svn and I didn't notice it does 
not show the copy as well
the base was /rtl/amiga,, just use some copy paste of text from morphos.

> Now to the concrete points:
> - I see that your sysutils.pp patch adds a new conditional define for
> FExpand. _If_ we need to add something like that, it should be added to
> the list documented explicitly in comments at the end of fexpand.inc in
> order to have a complete list in one place. However, your patch for
> sysutils.pp assumes that both DirectorySeparator and DriveSeparator may be
> used as markers for root directory. Is this really the case? Could you
> provide some examples (possible file paths as used in AROS) to show how
> this is used? Could you possibly suggest extensions to
> /tests/test/units/dos/tfexpand.pp to test the proper behaviour of FExpand
> under AROS? In addition, I've noticed that you added the new define only
> to sysutils.pp, but not dos.pp; fexpand.inc is used in both and the
> defines should be consistent.
> - It would be nice if you can add some comments clarifying the reason of
> your changes (for incorporation into the code). FExpand implementation is
> quite complex and it's useful to keep the comments there, otherwise it
> becomes unmaintainable.

perhaps I didnt choose the name for the define well
in fact I'm a little bit in trouble here because normaly at amiga
/xxx/ would be in something like ../xxx/ (in Linux)  and so its 
implemented in FExpand atm,
but the make util (and much other tools for development) in Aros always 
give pathes like /System/Development/ .... which should be resolved to 
in principle both cases are not distiguishable
to get fpc self compileable at Aros I had to add this function to 
FExpand... I'm open to other ideas.

> - I noticed that your patch to fexpand.inc contains explicit references to
> '/' and ':' characters. This is wrong, you should always refer to
> constants like DriveSeparator, DirectorySeparator,
> AllowDirectorySeparators, etc. If the existing ones are not suitable for
> your need, we should either discuss how to make it more general
> (preferably) or to put it under a platform specific IFDEF if there really
> isn't a better choice.
of course this can be changed


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