[fpc-devel] Adding a new assembler to Free Pascal Compiler

Skybuck Flying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 7 04:51:15 CEST 2011


(This posting/reply is mostly ment for: Hans-Peter Diettrich)

I saw you mentioned you are working on the "front end part" of the compiler.

I also saw you want to introduce either syntaxes or perhaps even languages 

I guess you want to experiment with alternative syntaxes or introduce other 
languages, correct (?)

Could ofcourse also be learning experience for you...

But where are your primary goals ? ;)

I can imagine alternative syntaxes...

I can also understand the wish to perhaps introduce C syntax or C++ 
syntax... perhaps for the speed of the compiler ?

You also seem to want to make the front end more flexible... I can 
understand that in a way ;)

But why exactly ?

Perhaps you can shed some more light on what kind of language 
experimentation or other languages you had in mind ?

Currently I see that the free pascal compiler was not written in purely 
"turbo/borland/delphi/oo pascal"... instead it uses some new 
language/syntaxes here and there... which will probably cause some 
transpiration/headaches down the line/in the near future...

So seeing these little "problems" I am not so sure if I like your kind of 
experimentation ! LOL.

But then again "parallel language extensions" or perhaps "cuda/ptx" language 
extensions in the future might be interesting.

One thing I haven't mentioned so far is even support for "opengl" and 
"nvidia cg", pascal shading languages.

I would also be a little bit interested in a pascal compiler which could 
compile to a shading language.

Perhaps some of your front-end work might come in handy to introduce new 
pascal language syntax specially tailored for shading language... which 
could then be enabled or disabled in project settings or even better 
"compiler-understand conditionals/directives" that would be real nice...


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