[fpc-devel] RIP NoGlobals

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Wed Sep 29 15:05:08 CEST 2010

Florian Klaempfl schrieb:
> Am 29.09.2010 01:17, schrieb Hans-Peter Diettrich:
>> A last note on the NoGlobals branch, and parallel processing in the
>> compiler:
>> I couldn't find any way to move global variables from globals.pas into
>> e.g. fmodule (tmodule, current_module), without breaking ppudump
>> dependencies. As long as nobody can provide a solution for this problem,
>> I see no chance for any parallel processing in the compiler.
> I think it was already proposed to use threadvars in this case if needed?

Threadvars are not a solution, until it's known in which 
situations/places they have to be updated. Depending on the task of an 
thread, some variables have to be copied from (or shared with?) other 
threads, and the details have to be figured out separately, for every 
intended task.

>> Now I'll resume my original work on multiple front-ends, this time using
>> a git repository 
> Well, I wonder what the advantage of this will be, besides that there
> will be not feedback possible on the changes, so the chances to get
> these changes into trunk are also very little.

There has been no feedback on my preceding work, until it finally was 
rejected for mostly formal reasons. Git allows to work on multiple 
topics (branches) at the same time, and commits can be amended, so that 
it should be possible to group together related changes, independently 
from their introduction sequence.

While the preceding tries can be separated into multiple steps, which 
only are useless until they are used for e.g. threading, the front-end 
project will have no such intermediate steps of public interest.


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