[fpc-devel] Test: compiling packages

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Sun Sep 19 22:34:43 CEST 2010

Hi Sven!

Am 19.09.2010 13:49, schrieb Sven Barth:
> and the following for Windows:
> pp -Twin32 -Fuunits/i386-win32 rtl.ppk

I tried this with my 64 bit-head version of fpc, but it failed to 
produce any output except an .a and an .o file.

fpc -Twin64  -Fuunits\x86_64-win64 rtl.ppk
unknown: 12
unknown: 12
rtl.ppk(7) Error: PPU is already in a library : 
rtl.ppk(7) Error: Multiple defined symbol _DLLMainCRTStartup
rtl.ppk(7) Error: Undefined symbol: PASCALMAIN
rtl.ppk(7) Fatal: There were 3 errors compiling module, stopping
Fatal: Compilation aborted
Error: C:\source\fpcwilli\bin\x86_64-win64\ppcx64.exe returned an error 
exitcode (normal if you did not specify a source file to be compiled)

So I guess there's more work to be done on the win64 target: I will look 
into this once I have a debug build of trunk (see my other mail) on my disk.

> The Windows package is created as "rtl.dll" and the Linux one as 
> "librtl.so", although I expected "rtl.ppl" for Win32 and "librtl.ppl" 
> for Linux or even "rtl-2.5.1.ppl" and "librtl-2.5.1.ppl" on the 
> respective platforms. So this needs to be fixed as well.

True we also need to implemente the  $LIBSUFFIX and $LIBVERSION  
(probably also $DESCRIPTION) compiler switches..

> So much for my findings. I hope you find it interesting. :)

Thanks a lot. I found the differences between Linux, Windows32 and 
Windows64 (my own build) interesting to see. Yep, there's quite some 
work ahead.. That said, I'll probably concentrate on Win64 first as I am 
running Windows 7 x64.

BTW: Is it possible to get a separate branch in the svn repo for hacking 
on the package feature?  Or should source-code patches be posted to 
fpc-devel before directly going into trunk?


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