[fpc-devel] Component FTag and Tag should be int64

Andrew Brunner andrew.t.brunner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 21:32:30 CET 2010

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 1:59 PM, Max Vlasov <max.vlasov at gmail.com> wrote:

> Andrew,
> Creating TList as a field for storing extra structures and objects and
> supporting extra data reference using Tag as an index never was a problem
> for me. Can you tell a single reason not to implement this approach by
> yourself?  Moreover managing the destruction of objects in this case is much
> easier and straightforward.
> Other consideration, if something starts to depend on future decisions of
> other developers, isn't it easy to create a simple (very simple) workaround
> :)
> Max Vlasov
In the specific problem I have, it is corellating TMenuItem with a
particular data pointer object of TForm.  Forms can close out of order and
re-Index the List I have (as you stated).  But there is no clean way for me
to reference what was clicked on Sender...  Tag or Data is the only clean
solution here.  Out of order, happening on application thread... Oh, and
TMenuItems being created at runtime.  This is about productivity.  What must
I create an additional list when I have Tag or Data.
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