[fpc-devel] Boehm garbage collector for freepascal

Thaddy thaddy at thaddy.com
Mon Nov 15 14:04:41 CET 2010

As I promised Marco,

You can find boehm garbage collector bindings for freepascal, incl. 
replacement memory manager at
For win32 a prebuild dll is included
For other platforms you need to build the gc library from source (included)
Please test, I am especially curious how it behaves on other platforms.

I Also have a question:
(After you played with the example and read the docs)
Suppose I want a GC version of freepascal, would it be enough to patch 
TObject.InitInstance/TObject.FreeInstance for finalization and adapt 
heap.inc and do a make clean/make all?
Tobject descendants may require finalization before the garbage 
collector cleans them, hence my question.

Or do I need more steps?



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