[fpc-devel] Two issues with variant type definitions

Sergei Gorelkin sergei_gorelkin at mail.ru
Thu Nov 11 15:19:36 CET 2010


Two questions I wanted to ask:

1) There are two variant type defintions (varxxx constants): one in compiler/symdef.pas, another one 
in rtl/inc/varianth.inc. Worse, they are out of sync. Is it really necessary to have a separate set 
of these definitions in compiler?

2) In FPC, varunicodestr=22 (in symdef.pas), while Delphi defines varUString=$102. Although meaning 
of these types are a bit different in FPC and Delphi, probably we should change varunicodestr in 
range > 256, because values below 256 are used for types that are known to COM.
Are there objections/opinions on doing so?


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