[fpc-devel] Error: Type is not automatable: "WideString"

Иван Шихалев shikhalev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 04:12:44 CET 2010

When I try to call automated method with string constants, I had the
compile-time error: 'Error: Type is not automatable: "WideString"'.
What I do wrong? Or may be It's a bug?

----------- begin verror.pp ------------

{$mode objfpc}

program VError;

  v : variant;
  s : ansistring;

 v.lalala(11);       // compiled
 v.blabla(s);        // compiled
 v.ololo('dummy');   // verror.pp(12,17) Error: Type is not
automatable: "WideString"

----------- end verror.pp ------------

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