[fpc-devel] debug formats, differences and options?

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Mon Nov 8 15:34:28 CET 2010

A few questions about the different debug formats (stabs, dwarf 1,2,3(,4))

I don't know at which stage debug info is added:  when creating .ppu/o 
or when creating .exe
That is to say, when a unit is compiled into a ppu, do you already need 
to decide on which format to use, or can you use one ppu and later 
decide if the exe schould have dwarf or stabs?

In case it is in the ppu, are later dwarf downward compatible? eg, 
compiling units with -gw3 or -gw4 => will it allow to create an exe with 
-gw1 ?

Is there a list of the advantages, disadvantages of each format. (I 
understand dwarf 3, and 4 are unstable, but what extra features to they 
add (as in actually implemented features in fpc)


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