[fpc-devel] Armel problems

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Sun May 23 21:51:17 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 19 May 2010 10:18:53 Michael Schnell wrote:
> If the compiler does digest this, the meaning supposedly is that the
> procedure gets an additional, supposedly first, parameter (hidden in
> Object Pascal, open in C, that is the self pointer of the instance. If
> the C programmer knows how to deal with the Pascal object model which of
> course he can, as FPC is open source, he in fact can make use of this.
The FPC Qt4 binding is made to let FPC interface with Qt4 via
flattened c-functions. C++ signals can be hooked to
FPC object method. I choose to support methods, because if
you support methods, you also support simple procedures,
just provide zero for the self parameter when installing the 

I made a demo program of the bug, 
using the style of one of the fpc test suite program tcalext2.pp


kind regards,

Den Jean

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