[fpc-devel] Interface delegation fix: backport to FPC 2.4.2 ...?

Paul van Helden paul at planetgis.co.za
Thu May 20 13:22:50 CEST 2010

On 20/05/2010 12:19, Matt Emson wrote:
> Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
>> OK we just confirmed that you have no clue about OOP or design patterns, 
> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Wow. Your ego is too much for me.
>> so I'll stop replying to your posts. 
> Good. Please stop replying to the entire thread at the same time. None 
> of us understand design patterns, honest. We're all wasting your 
> valuable time.
>> You are wasting my time and not contributing to the discussion at hand.
> Right... "can't get my own way - throw toys out of pram.", I think I 
> have your measure.

Dear All,

Sometimes when this list has a busy day, I consider unsubscribing or at 
least having my email client file the messages into a folder 
automatically (which means I never get around to reading it).

Can we all please agree to have "chatty" style messages done in an IRC 
channel, or wiki discussion page, or whatever? For example, while I 
enjoyed the joke link as much as anyone else, imagine how full our 
inboxes would be today if everyone who read it thought themselves 
important enough to reply to the whole list "Those are brilliant. I love 
the Java one". (Sorry Graeme).

I follow this list because I learn so much from it. I don't want to 
unsubscribe from it, so may I kindly suggest a little restraint so that 
the messages remain either questions or helpful answers? Even a debate 
like this is OK if the arguments are well presented and the volume of 
messages remain low. Having a heated debate with dozens of messages in 
one morning on an email list is not optimal, IMO. At least in a forum 
one could unsubscribe from a particular thread. Please realize that your 
message is reaching thousands of inboxes and might only really be 
interesting (apart from entertainment value) to a few. This thread (as 
are most others) is interesting, but many of the messages are not. Sure, 
if you want to share a relevant and funny joke like Vinzent did and you 
believe it will lighten up everybody's day, send it, but can we at least 
agree on some restraint? It is certainly entertaining to see Greame 
blowing his top, but so are soap operas, and I don't really have the 
time for it. (Sorry again Graeme - please don't ever leave fpc-devel, 
your efforts are hugely appreciated and you are much respected I'm sure).

Or do I have it completely wrong and the fpc-devel list is small so 
anything goes?

Another message that doesn't add valuable content! (This one). Are there 
rules or guidelines for what gets discussed here and how?

My suggestion would be to go through a checklist like this before you 
hit the Reply button:

1. Is it
   a. a relevant question; or
   b. a helpful answer (will someone learn from it?); or
   c. a well thought-out technical argument to an important debate (with 
examples, references, etc)?
   d. none of the above (No)
2. Did I spend more than a few minutes crafting it?
3. Have I re-read it at least 3 times before imposing it onto thousands 
of inboxes and committing it to permanent record?
If your answer is No to any of the above, consider working on your 
message a bit more or not sending it. These messages generate content 
that will outlive us all. Tip (imo): if a message doesn't start with a 
salutation, perhaps then the checklist needs to be consulted. (And 
listing your credentials and extensive experience might only be of 
interest to a recruiter).

Or perhaps a little chit-chat is OK too. We are a community of social 
animals after all. But perhaps we can restrain ourselves on days with 
lots of posts so as to not lose readers? Or perhaps we don't care about 
losing lurkers like myself.

You decide, but my delete-button-finger is aching!

Kind regards,


B.t.w. this message fails my proposed checklist! ;-)

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