[fpc-devel] FPC + Haiku: how good is it?

Olivier Coursiere olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Thu May 13 01:56:22 CEST 2010

Graeme Geldenhuys a écrit :
> Matt Emson het geskryf:
> Thank you very much for all the information. I'll try and install FPC 2.4.0
> on Haiku in the coming days and see how it goes. As for the writing of apps
> - if my experience with FPC+Haiku goes well, I would like to add yet
> another todo item to my list (as if I don't have enough). I am considering
> writing a Haiku backend for the fpGUI Toolkit. This will bring some new
> apps and development tools to Haiku. For fpGUI to work on any platform I
> need very limited support from the OS itself (basic window handling and
> some canvas painting routines) as fpGUI does much of the work internally.
It would be a nice.
> I saw Haiku has Qt 4.x support - I wonder if Lazarus IDE compiled with Qt
> will run under it? Has anybody tried this yet?
I have tried. And it even work quite well now. All patches are available 
in the lazarus trunk. What is missing is debugging support. There is 
also a problem when resising components in the designer, probably 
because Qt is still young under Haiku. I plan to write a wiki page to 
explain how to build Qt, Qtpas and Lazarus on Haiku.

The official 2.4.0 for haiku is not enough to compile Lazarus. I 
discover a few bugs. They are hopefully fixed in trunk and in the 
fixes_2_4 branche.

One thing to do to compile lazarus under Haiku is setting gcc4 as the 
current one using setgcc gcc4. Qt does not compile with the default old 
gcc 2.95. Lazarus need  to set gcc4 so ld look at the right libraries 
while linking.

Good luck with FPC and Lazarus under Haiku.


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