[fpc-devel] C++ linking questions

Dimitri Smits smitco at telenet.be
Mon Mar 22 16:42:13 CET 2010

Jonas Maebe wrote:
>On 22 Mar 2010, at 11:19, Anton Kavalenka wrote:
>> Don't UNITS in Pascal intended to separate NAMESPACES?
>> But unfortunately this prevents nested namespaces.
>The discussion is not about adding support for C++-style namespaces to Pascal, but for how to specify the C++ namespace in which an (externally implemented) C++ class is defined (as this influences the name mangling).

Anton Kavalenka wrote in reply to that:
>I understand :)
>The most amazing thing will start later (during linking). In what order =
>runtime initialization should be performed (first Pascal the C++ or vice =
>Obviously C++ object files has lots of references to C++ runtime so in =
>best case we get exe file with 2 runtimes inside,
>in worst case we get crash on initialization.

it even gets worse than that. Is this even possible? WHAT C++ compiler-mangling are you going to support?

Every C++ compiler has its own mangling scheme, which individual versions of it can change at will as well.

GNU C++ on linux/whatever system? => changed mangling between versions
Borland/(open)Watcom/Digital Mars/Microsoft/... on Windows and some on other systems => same there.

there are some ABI's, but they do not contain name-mangling conventions. 

ps: sorry to mess up your thread. I'm using digest.

kind regards,
Dimitri Smits

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