[fpc-devel] Native compilers for non-x86

Henry Vermaak henry.vermaak at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:03:12 CET 2010

On 25 February 2010 21:22, Mark Morgan Lloyd
<markMLl.fpc-devel at telemetry.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm having another of my periodic attempts at getting various systems
> up-to-date here, and I wonder if I could ask for help with build problems.
> First machine is an ARM-based Linksys NSLU2 "Slug", running Debian "Squeeze"
> i.e. little-endian EABI. I've previously managed to build for this using (I
> think) 2.5.1. I experimentally reverted to 2.4.0 but an attempt at building
> gave me

I've managed to build fpc for the slug running debian squeeze (a while
ago), so there is hope.  I even managed to run the testsuite - you may
be amused by my fumblings here:

> In both cases the commandline I'm using is
> make 'NOGDB=1' 'OPT=-O- -gl -vt' 'EXTDEBUG=1' all

You will have to build the compiler for EABI, so add -dFPC_ARMEL to
your OPT parameter.  I'm afraid I don't have tips for the build
failing, but maybe you should try the latest trunk and submit a
bugreport with the trace.


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