[fpc-devel] procedure ... message(); in Linux

Juha Manninen juha.manninen at phnet.fi
Mon Mar 1 12:18:52 CET 2010


> What gave no feedback?

Ok, I tested again with a non-typical situation.
I worked with lazarus.lpi and built Lazarus from tools -> Configure Build 
Lazarus. The error messages show up just like when compiling a "normal" 
project but "search identifier" does nothing.

Now I tested with a "normal" project and it works. It is a cool feature 
I noticed a minor bug: the Scope combobox gets "Project" by default. If I 
click the down-arrow to see a list then the first "Lazarus IDE" gets selected 
automatically. I guess you forgot to set Combobox.ItemIndex and only set its 

BTW, what does the Scope do? If I comment out SysUtils in my source, it always 
finds the missing function under FCL, whatever scope I select.


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