[fpc-devel] (Re)compiling FPC or is there something like fpc.bpg?

Adem listmember at letterboxes.org
Tue Jul 27 13:07:41 CEST 2010

  On 2010-07-27 1:10 PM, Joost van der Sluis wrote:
> I don't know what you want,
Wel... it all started here [ 
http://www.mail-archive.com/fpc-devel@lists.freepascal.org/msg17986.html ].

In short, I was trying to test/benchmark a FPC/Lazarus generated exe 
against one with Delphi, but I kept having to uninstall 32-bit 
FPC/Lazarus when I needed to produce  a 64-bit FPC/Lazarus exe.

IOW, both versions wouldn't coexist under the same OS (Windows 7).

What's more, I found that, when you uninstalled FPC/Lazarus, it didn't 
clean up after itself --leaving the whole folder structure and other 
esiduals for manual removal.

Similarly, I couldn't find a simple enough way of using different 
versions of FPC under different versions of Lazarus.

Anyway, as I listed out ideas of how it should be, Mattias kindly asked 
me to take the matter into my own hands <g> by saying "Feel free to do so."

Ever since, I am trying to find a way to compile/'make' FPC from sources 
and make the installation compatible with spaces in paths..

Obviously, 'make' couldn't handle paths with spaces, so I turned to 
compiling FPC with an immediately previous version of FPC.

Someone, then, suggested 'fpmake' --or, rather the 'fpmake.pp' files it 

Well.. This is where I am stuck:

Not only are those 'fpmake.pp' files not up-to-date, they are also 
individual programs with {$IFDEF}s and {$INCLUDE}s etc..

IOW, not very conducive to extracting the information I need to compile 
FPC and install to folder structure I want it.

{your next post is below}

> But in the far future we will use fpmake for some parts. Then you'll know for sure that the fpmake files are up-to-date.
Why only 'some parts', why not the whole thing? Just curious.

>> Boy, I could kill for a 'makefile' parser...
> Rofl. We use a makefile-generator, which you want to parse again? Just use the primary source.
Desperate times..

I checked the whole Internet, and even though there a plenty of people 
complaining about the lack of support for spaces in paths, it appears 
not a single soul has stepped forward to remedy the situation.

Nor is there a usable 'makefile' parser in any language that I could locate.
> Using fpcmake, the Makefile.fpc's are converted into the Makefile's.
> With fpmake, programs are directly compiled (no need for make).
I have avoided even looking at makefile contents all my life, so I am 
less than a noob on that, but from what I can tell, fpcmake uses a 
template makefile and substitutes/replaces certain portions in that 

IOW, it is harder to understand (for me) what fpcmake is doing than 
understanding what the stuff in a makefile means.
> fpmake can generate an xml file which contains a lot of info already.
Great, I might be getting somewhere.

How do I get fpmake to produce that xml file?

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