[fpc-devel] Namespaces like URLs

Adem listmember at letterboxes.org
Tue Jul 27 10:03:34 CEST 2010

  On 2010-07-27 8:49 AM, Martin wrote:Yes, in that example, 'laz_svn' 
would be a central indirection identifier to your 'C:\lazarus'.
> It is helpfull, if something looking like a path to the file, is wrong 
> pointing to the wrong location for at least half of the developpers 
> working on a project???
I give up.

Can't keep writing the same things over and over again.
> And that is windows, having drive with letters...
> There are only 26 letters for those drives. => I am running out of 
> them. (I've got severla memory sticks, external backup drives, mapped 
> network drives .... each needs a letter)

[This mail initially went to Lazarus list by mistake. Sorry about that.]
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