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Martin fpc at
Mon Jul 26 17:27:05 CEST 2010

Replying to myself..

Using Aliases for unit names could be an alternative, that solves the 
problem (conflicting unit names can be given different aliases)

And it would not require any new prefixes in the source or anything. no 
new meaning of a dot, separating namespace and unit name....

uses MyLongAndUniquePrefixedUtils alias 'utils';
// from here on the compile knows the unit as utils and utils only [1]

it is to the implementer not top use common rtl unit names such as 
strutils or sysutils as alias => as it obfuscates code

There is only one name by which the unit is known, and it follows 
exactly the existing rules.

The alias of course will be enforced to be unique within this uses 
clause (or all uses clauses of this unit)
You can not do
   uses Foo, Bar alias 'Foo';  // error

As for the problem wich  unit Utils to use:

If every search path could have an optional alias
eg for the rtl units, the alias was RTL
Lazarus could define LCL for LCL stuff.

any other package could define an alias for their path => the alis could 
be on the commandline, or in the fpc.cfg  => it will be given to fpc the 
same way as the search path itself.

Then the "in" clause could be made to accept such aliases

uses Buttons in 'LCL';

and with alias
uses Buttons in 'LCL' alias 'LclButtons';

On 26/07/2010 16:18, Martin wrote:
> In fact if the existing
> uses Foo in 'dir';
> could be extended to allow a package or similar
> uses Foo in 'LCL'
> and an alias directive would be introduced, then it was all solved too
> uses Foo in 'lcl' alias 'FooLCL', Foo in 'RTL' alias 'FooRTL'
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