[fpc-devel] (Re)compiling FPC or is there something like fpc.bpg?

Adem listmember at letterboxes.org
Fri Jul 23 20:13:28 CEST 2010

  On 2010-07-23 8:38 PM, Marco van de Voort wrote:
> In our previous episode, Adem said:
>> Now, what I'd like to know is what generates those 'fpmake.pp' files, so
>> that I might take a shot altering it to generate 'fpmake.pp.inc' files
>> the way I wanted.
> They are not generated.

I suppose I am not to assume they are up-to-date etither..

if so, this is going to be fun.

Let me start again.

When I look at 'Makefile' files, I see this as the first line "Don't 
edit, this file is generated by FPCMake Version 2.0.0 [2009/12/31]"

It implies that 'fpcmake.exe' can generate those 'Makefile's.

Which brings me to next questions:

1) Where does fpcmake get that information?
2) Where is the source of fpcmake?

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