[fpc-devel] Safecall on Linux (and other unices?)

Paul Ishenin webpirat at mail.ru
Wed Jul 21 12:41:27 CEST 2010

  21.07.2010 17:41, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>> How Kylix handles the safecall convention on linux? I think we need 
>> to follow it.
> Is it an idea to change the 'safecall' convention on Linux/i386 to be
> Well,
> Safecall = cdecl for Kylix.
> Borland decided to do this instead of giving a compiler error.
> But since Kylix is long dead, I don't see the need to follow it in 
> this detail. Or do you know a lot of kylix programs/code/libraries out 
> there ?
When (if) codegear release the new linux compiler I think they reuse 
their kylix work. So if we follow the kylix way now we will protect the 
compiler from the unneeded changes in the future.

Is there a big difference for fpc to call the new calling convention 
different and map it to safecall on windows?

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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