[fpc-devel] FPC/Delphi/FastMM4/TopMemory speed test

Adem listmember at letterboxes.org
Sun Jul 18 07:27:01 CEST 2010

  On 2010-07-17 19:27, Juha Manninen wrote:
> Adem wrote:
>> BTW, is there some way of having both 32bit and 64bit FPC/Lazarus
>> coexist in the same machine?
> With Lazarus it is easy. You just compile it and rename the binary. It does
> not need to be installed.
With respect, this is a clumsy and painful way of doing it --at least 
from where I am looking at it.

A much better way, for a Lazarus install, would be to have a (top) 
folder named Lazarus, and immediate child folders with version numbers.

This way, new version installations wouldn't screw up the older 
installations --and when you uninstall one version, all of it can get 
automatically removed without leaving whole folder as residue or 
affecting other installations.

> With FPC you could do two local installations and then switch between two
> versions of .fpc.cfg file.
> This wiki section is for installing FPC trunk into ~/ at Linux. Maybe it helps
> for your configuration.
>    http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Getting_Lazarus#Build_and_install_with_make
> It may be is possible to use the two versions by some command line switch,
> without swapping the .cfg files, but I don't know how.
Again, there's a flaw --IMO-- in the was Lazarus is installed. It should 
not install FPC as a subfolder. (i.e. 'C:\Lazarus\fpc\2.4.3\' )

It should, instead, install FPC as an equal citizen so that we'd have 

This way, we could have several different versions of Lazarus and FPC 
residing on the same machine.

This is what I mean:

For Lazarus:


For FPC:


Which means, you can independently install or uninstall any one of these.

Makes life much easier to pick and choose different versions of IDEs and 

You can pick the compiler version you want to use under Lazarus from a 
combobox in the options window and go.

BTW, do we still have to install Lazarus and FPC under top folders; I 
mean, can't we safely install them under 'C:\Program Files\' like every 
other application does under Windows?

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