[fpc-devel] Purpose of "uses ... in"?

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Mon Jul 12 22:36:52 CEST 2010

Marco van de Voort wrote on Mon, 12 Jul 2010:

> In our previous episode, Hans-Peter Diettrich said:
>> Michael Van Canneyt schrieb:
>> > The cure is far worse than the problem, because it is still trying to
>> > combine 2 systems that are basically incompatible.
>> >
>> > Bottom line is: don't use 'in' for the uses clause; use the command-line
>> > option to specify the location of the sources.
>> Then we could start by immediately flagging all uses of "in" as
>> deprecated, unless e.g. TP7 or Delphi mode is selected. When the users
>> can demonstrate that they still need such a feature, we could think
>> again about other (more compatible) solutions for not yet covered
>> special cases, before dropping it from the FPC syntax.
> See http://www.stack.nl/~marcov/porting.pdf paragraph 7 ("avoid paths...")
> I originally wrote that in 2003-2004.
> Even for portability purposes it often doesn't work, since usually the build
> systems  and files for FPC/Lazarus and Delphi differ anyway (and you noticed
> the working dir difference)

The working dir difference is a Lazarus difference, not an FPC  
difference. Afaict, that feature works identically in FPC and in Delphi.

Furthermore, at least two of "the users" have already posted in this  
thread saying that they use this functionality (both in FPC and in  
Delphi). Therefore I don't think it is a good idea to remove or change  

If different functionality is desired, I think it's better to add a  
different construct rather than using the same construct but with a  
different meaning.


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